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Being a Eurovision DJ

May 17, 2016

Norwegian DJ’s DJ Monsuun and his protege DJ Schlagerqueen was again so lucky to be DJing at Euroclub and Euro Fan Cafe in Stockholm during Eurovision Song Contest 2016.


Here is an article (in Norwegian) from about the two Norwegian DJ’s : Norske DJ’s ruler Euroclub

Being a DJ during Eurovision is a fantastic experience, playing old and new Eurovision songs for an audience who love them, sing them and even know many of the dancemoves.

Here is a photo from the official Afterparty in Euroclub where DJ Monsuun is playing.


Go to DJ Monsuun’s DJ Monsuun Facebook page to see a video where he interacts with a packed dancefloor playing the Russian song you are the only one by Sergey Lazarev.

During the final night in Euroclub also some of the artists appeared on stage getting an enourmous applause from the audience. Here is an article (in Swedish) where you can see a video of Frans dance and mime to his song.


Check out Monsuun on Spotify if you wanna check out playlists with ranged lists of the best Eurovision music for the dancefloor 🙂

*Looking forward to next years Eurovision in Ukraine*


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