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Being a Eurovision DJ

May 17, 2016

Norwegian DJ’s DJ Monsuun and his protege DJ Schlagerqueen was again so lucky to be DJing at Euroclub and Euro Fan Cafe in Stockholm during Eurovision Song Contest 2016.


Here is an article (in Norwegian) from about the two Norwegian DJ’s : Norske DJ’s ruler Euroclub

Being a DJ during Eurovision is a fantastic experience, playing old and new Eurovision songs for an audience who love them, sing them and even know many of the dancemoves.

Here is a photo from the official Afterparty in Euroclub where DJ Monsuun is playing.


Go to DJ Monsuun’sΒ DJ Monsuun Facebook page to see a video where he interacts with a packed dancefloor playing the Russian song you are the only one by Sergey Lazarev.

During the final night in Euroclub also some of the artists appeared on stage getting an enourmous applause from the audience. Here is anΒ article (in Swedish) where you can see a video of Frans dance and mime to his song.


Check out Monsuun on Spotify if you wanna check out playlists with ranged lists of the best Eurovision music for the dancefloor πŸ™‚

*Looking forward to next years Eurovision in Ukraine*



DJ Monsuun ESC 2016 Top Songs on Spotify

February 25, 2016

Folow DJ Monsuun’s personal ranked list of all the songs from national finals of the Eurovision Song Contest throughout Europe availiable on Spotify for 2016. They are ranked in order suitable for the dancefloor, so even if a ballad is good, it can not beat a good uptempo song πŸ™‚

It is continously updated, so keep watching πŸ™‚

DJ Monsuun ESC 2016 Top Songs


MGP Afterparty @ Elsker

February 9, 2016

Also this year DJ Monsuun will be DJing right after the finale of Melodi Grand Prix in Oslo Spektrum, which take place Saturday February 27.Β  As last year the MGP Afterparty will be held at Elsker, where DJ Monsuun will be the DJ at 3. floor, which is the biggest one. Expect the best dancefloor songs from MGP, Melodifestivalen and Eurovision from a DJ who really knows what he is doing.

This is the 10. year that DJ Monsuun has held the MGP Afterparty and also been DJing internationally at Eurocafe and Euroclub. It all started in 2007!

Tickets can be bought in the bar at 1. floor at ElskerΒ  (NOK 100) or in the door on the day (NOK 150). Many guests arrive directly from Oslo Spektrum after the final is finished, so best to come early to avoid the line.

Attend the Facebook event: MGP Afterparty @ Elsker



DJ Monsuun will play @ Euro Fan Cafe in Wienna on Tuesday

May 18, 2015

As every year since 2007 DJ Monsuun is on place during Eurovision Song Contest, and will this time do two gigs. First Euro Fan Cafe will be the venue for the best of Eurovision music for the danceflooron Tuesday, and then, for the 6th time, the official Eurovision afterparty after the Grand final on Saturday at Euroclub. That’s of course a great honour πŸ™‚

The dancefloor at Euro fan Cafe will start off right after the Semifanal 1 show, and continue throughout the night until 4am. I hope to see many happy Eurovisionfans dancing their asses off, waving their arms and sing along to the music we all love πŸ™‚

Euro Fan Cafe on Facebook



DJ Monsuun @ Eurovision in Concert Afterparty in Amsterdam

April 17, 2015

It has become a tradition that many Eurovision entrants go to the Eurovision in Concert held in Melkweg in Amsterdam, and this year 24 countries participate. Here is the facebook event:

DJ Monsuun will be one of two DJ’s at the official afterparty! This will start right after the concert is finished, and will be held in VondelCS. There will be lots of great Eurovision music from this year and the past as well as pop-ups from some of the artists.


The Norwegian entry is one of the 24 partisipants this year πŸ™‚


DJ Monsuun ESC 2015 Top Songs on Spotify

February 17, 2015

Subscribe to my personal ranked list of all the songs from national finals throughout Europe availiable on Spotify. I rank them in order suitable for the dancefloor, so even if a ballad is good, it can not beat a good uptempo song πŸ™‚

It is continously updated, so keep watching πŸ™‚

DJ Monsuun ESC 2015 Top Songs



DJ Monsuun @ Euroclub tonight premiering Silent Storm Rykkinfella Remix!

May 8, 2014


The Rykkinfella remix of the Norwegian entry ‘Silent Storm’ sung by Carl Espen will be released Friday May. 9. BUT it will be premiered by DJ Monsuun in Euroclub, Store VEGA tonight right after the second semifanal. DJ Monsuun will be DJing Eurovision hits, schlagers and classics all night long together with the Israelian lipsynk-dancegroup Eurofalsch.

Join the Facebookevent:

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