MGP Afterparty @ Elsker

February 9, 2016

Also this year DJ Monsuun will be DJing right after the finale of Melodi Grand Prix in Oslo Spektrum, which take place Saturday February 27.  As last year the MGP Afterparty will be held at Elsker, where DJ Monsuun will be the DJ at 3. floor, which is the biggest one. Expect the best dancefloor songs from MGP, Melodifestivalen and Eurovision from a DJ who really knows what he is doing.

This is the 10. year that DJ Monsuun has held the MGP Afterparty and also been DJing internationally at Eurocafe and Euroclub. It all started in 2007!

Tickets can be bought in the bar at 1. floor at Elsker  (NOK 100) or in the door on the day (NOK 150). Many guests arrive directly from Oslo Spektrum after the final is finished, so best to come early to avoid the line.

Attend the Facebook event: MGP Afterparty @ Elsker



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