WOW – what an Afterparty!!!

March 16, 2014

Tusen takk to all the attendees to the DJ Monsuun MGP Afterparty @Diplomaten last night. Over 400 Eurovisionfans attended and made this an amazing night to be a DJ.


Now I am soo looking forward to one week in Copenhagen giving you a Silent storm in the daytime and beeing a monsoon during the DJsets in Eurocafe and Euroclub. You should all become a member of a local Eurovision fanclub (OGAE) to be able to get in to Euroclub, the official venue for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Here is a remix of Sanna’s Undo for all of you who asked for that 🙂

Maybe I will see some of you to the Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam in two weks? 🙂

**Here is the DJ Monsuun ESC 2014 Top Songs list on Spotify, with all this years Eurovision songs in rated order, with the songs fitting the dancefloor first 🙂 http://open.spotify.com/user/monsuun/playlist/6hSlLTIb5t6U45OSVKEwr8


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