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Greek entrant Freaky Fortune with great medley!

March 29, 2014

As we are waiting for the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen this May we can enjoy this years Greek entrans Freaky Fortune ft. Riskykidd doing an awsome Eurovision medley 🙂

Coming to a dancefloor near you 😉


WOW – what an Afterparty!!!

March 16, 2014

Tusen takk to all the attendees to the DJ Monsuun MGP Afterparty @Diplomaten last night. Over 400 Eurovisionfans attended and made this an amazing night to be a DJ.


Now I am soo looking forward to one week in Copenhagen giving you a Silent storm in the daytime and beeing a monsoon during the DJsets in Eurocafe and Euroclub. You should all become a member of a local Eurovision fanclub (OGAE) to be able to get in to Euroclub, the official venue for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Here is a remix of Sanna’s Undo for all of you who asked for that 🙂

Maybe I will see some of you to the Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam in two weks? 🙂

**Here is the DJ Monsuun ESC 2014 Top Songs list on Spotify, with all this years Eurovision songs in rated order, with the songs fitting the dancefloor first 🙂


MGP Afterparty 2014

March 15, 2014

As previous years DJ Monsuun invites every Eurovisionfan in Oslo to a Schlagertastic MGP Afterparty at Diplomaten close to the Townhall tonight right after the show is finished in Oslo Spektrum 🙂

Join the Facebookevent by clicking:

MGP Afterparty 2014

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