Epic fail: Music companies have legacy distrubution strategies

September 29, 2011

Epic fail: Can’t understand why big artists like Agnes, Mohombi and Eric Saade don’t release their new albums and hits at the same time, at least in the same region like the Nordic countries.

Don't go breaking my heart

The Swedes can enjoy Agnes’ lates hit ‘Don’t go breaking my heart‘ and Mohombi’s ‘Maraca‘, but in Spotify, Wimp and i-Tunes they are not yet availiable in Norway. The two songs both enjoy high placings in the Swedish charts, which says something about their potential in Norway.

torrentfreak.com states that Music Piracy Continues to Decline Thanks to Spotify. Music companies like Sony BGM (Agnes and eric Saade) and RedOne (Mohombi) still think marketing the old fashioned way, with realeses country by country. This does not work anymore with the digital streaming and buying of music nowadays.

Here in Norway Eric Saades album Vol. 1 got realeased this week, and thus got availiable on Spotify, Wimp and iTunes, but for his followers and fans, this is just old news as it got released months ago in Sweden.


One comment

  1. Totally agree!!

    I live in Sweden and want to listen to Aqua!!!!

    Kjemp videre,gi deg ikke för du får det igjennom!!

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